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Fibaro Smoke Sensor

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Small is beautiful

When creating our devices, we leave nothing to chance, which is why the carefully made Smoke Sensor not only protects you and your loved ones, but also embodies an elegant and stylish detail for any room. Quite impressive for such a small smoke detector, right?



Smoke Sensor that can do much more

Despite its inconspicuous size, Smoke Sensor is a smoke detector and fire alarm in one. The precisely designed device offers more than you can imagine.

  • Smoke sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Sound alarm
  • Light indicator

Protects your family everyday

What usually keeps us up at night is the fear for the safety of our loved ones and the protection of our valuables. The FIBARO smoke detector in your home is a guard who watches over you around the clock, every day.

Mobile notifications

When the Smoke Sensor detects danger, it instantly starts the alarm scene and immediately notifies you on your mobile device. Wherever you are, you have everything under control.

Voice control

Combine Smoke Sensor with the FIABRO system which gives you the possibility to control the devices and manage the scenes in your smart home at any moment. There is no need to use your smartphone. Just say out loud what you need.

"Ask FIBARO what temperature is in the Bathroom"

"The temperature in the Bathroom is 20 degrees. How else can I help you?"

Monitor specific areas

Place the Smoke Sensor in crucial areas and anywhere you want to enhance the safety of your family. Adjust the sensitivity of the smoke detector for the specific room to be certain that your house is safe.

System integration

In an emergency situation, there is no time for complex actions. In order to make home evacuation easier, and minimize losses in the event of a fire, integrate Smoke Sensor with other FIBARO devices.

History of smoke

Regardless of whether you arm the alarm or not, the smoke sensor collects information about smoke and temperature in your home. Thanks to data analysis, even the smallest change is registered to best protect you and your family in the future.

Sensitivity calibration

No one likes false alarms. To prevent the Smoke Sensor alarm being triggered during daily activities such as frying food in the kitchen or running your fireplace, it is recommended to adjust the sensitivity of the smoke detectors. In areas where smoke doesn't usually appear, the sensor should be calibrated to maximum sensitivity. This way the Smoke Sensor will work perfectly and protect your safety.

Boiler room
Baby room

Great solution for hotels

Use this proven home automation solution in places where you are responsible for the safety of hotel guests or employees. Place the smoke detector in the rooms where guests or employees are staying, and be sure that nothing bad will happen.

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