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Kunci Pintu Digital Gateman A 200 FH | Push Pull Door Lock

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Deskripsi Produk

  • Product Specifications
  • Product name : GATEMAN A200-FH
    Push Inside, Pull Outside 
    Contents : Front body, Main body, Mortise, Construction helper, Warranty,
    Korean Manual ( * If you need an English Manual, Please contact us.) 
  •  Made in Korea 
  • Power Supply : 1.5V AA Alkaline Battery (LR6) x4
  • Functions : Self-checking function (Battery replace and Mortise jam alarm), Volume control, 
  • Audio guidance, Smart pad, Emergency power 9v and reset button.
Product Features

Upgraded Hook, Imaginary number system, 3 minutes lock function, Fire Alarm, Response to fire,

Damage and invasion alarm, Anti electrical shock safety system, waterproof

Push from inside, Pull from outside (Push from outside, Pull from inside -> Not Available)


Push Bar & Pull Bar that open the door correctly as pushing and pulling anywhere.
      Push bar and Pull bar that applied to  A200-FH door lock are 6 times bigger than existing door lock.
 It is designed to  be easily used by children and elder.


Anti-Panic Push & Pull Function.
      Due to Installed Dual swing latch bolt for smooth  performance of the anti-panic function, 
as pushing the push bar, you can  quickly and easily escape to the outside.


Ergonomic Curved Keypad
      Easy to enter the password. Can reduce the input error due to the  difference of viewing angle.


Smart Etiquette Function
      Before you put the password or card, Touch  the Keypad for 3 seconds. Without the beep you can open the door.


      Brand new A-mecha mortise for the push-pull  door lock.


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